Friday, November 30, 2018

Skipping Rocks

When outgoing tides were calm,
We found rocks flat and perfectly round…
Held between our forefinger and thumb
We skipped them into the sound.

The most successful throws,
Skipped ten times across the surface…
Smoothly sailing across the water,
Yet some stones sank on purpose.

Sometimes a piece of tree bark,
With a paper sail made a boat…
It floated out into the lake,
Only refusing to float.

Love can appear as a dream yacht,
Happiness and luxuries galore…
Yet the finest boat lacking honesty,
Will never make it to shore.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Distracted Life

I dropped my cell phone under the seat,
A texting driver swerved into my lane…
I saw a dog run under a car,
Adopted but never trained.

A lady at the grocery store,
Didn’t memorize her pin…
The folks in line grew restless,
Patience everywhere is growing thin.

I landed in a hospital,
Sicker yet from germs inside…
They withheld meds from my roommate,
Within a week he died.

I hired the best carpenter,
To make repairs needed on my home
He failed to ever show up,
Leaving me trash, water leaks and alone

I worked hard for a lifetime,
Saving for my golden years and more..
Never expecting the medical bills,
Leaving me homeless, dying and poor.

I remember my boss retiring,
His million-dollar hand shake…
My retirement plans were voided;
Nothing left in the bank to take.

The citizens here remain silent.
Ignoring the government’s corruption…
Each death, often a suicide,
Is one more uncounted disruption.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

My Friend Otis

He had a magnificent swagger,
Moving with a manly strut…
Otis exuded royal traits,
He wasn’t just any mutt.

Everyone who’s loved a dog,
Knows they can never stay.
Half of my happiness vanished,
When Otis passed away.