Thursday, January 4, 2018

Royal Fleas

If I was a billionaire,
I would live in a giant castle…
Yet all the money in the world,
Could not stop my daily hassle.

I still would live with all my dogs,
While breaking royal protocols,
Picking up the shit balls,
In majestic marble halls.

If the queen should visit,
She would have to wait outside…
Royals, suffer from flea bites,
So they wait for insecticide.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Nurturing and Survival

After we take our first breath,
We have the need for milk…
Most are swaddled through the first year,
In woolen blankets and silk.

We found in elementary school,
Real life pain and tears…
Teachers put band aids on our knees,
And soothed our darkest fears.

We found as teens, our comfort,
In first crushes and best friends…
Back then we were immortal,
All had a life that never ends.

Adults discovered happiness,
Via a secure job and a wife…
Two cars and a picket fence,
Proved a successful life.

Now that we are older,
And decades past living mothers…
Some find comfort with a Boxer,
On a heating pad under the covers.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Landing on Top

I had a friend who spiraled,
Into an abyss of deep depression…
He landed on the bottom so hard,
He left a full body impression.

He never completely recovered,
A resounding thud was his last sound…
Was it self-pity or imbalance,
That kept him lying on the ground?

I myself have been there,
I may be the mental one, unstable…
I laugh myself out of the darkness,
With my “Irony Button” enabled.