Monday, May 13, 2019

Real History Timeline

I watched a documentary,
Detailing a thousand years of humanity…
It researched the human evolution
Of Both compassion and insanity.

I found it not surprising,
Human failures, I’d already reckoned.
Shockingly though, I realized,
My lifespan is less than a second.

Both Sides of Paradise

Every whisper of the wind,
Blows a shingle off the roof…
Even blown out panes of glass,
Are nature, being not so aloof.

Every broken Robin egg,
Is a Crow seizing the day…
The aggressors never take a break,
The coyote takes the rabbit away. 

An eagle grabbed the neighbor’s cat,
Obviously, she’s quite sad…
Another neighbor’s septic tank,
Passed inspection and they’re glad.

Life on this beautiful island,
Changes almost every day…
Most days the mind’s ecstatic,
Yet some days the heart  must pay.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Preserving My Pain for Others

I found an old letter tucked in a book,
From college, addressed to me…
I did not recall the sender,
Or what they ever meant to me.

It expressed how important I was;
They would always remember me.
Ironically, I had no memory of them…
I was so smart back then, clever and free.

I am sad some people loved me,
Yet I don’t know they even exist…
Sadder are the people who never knew,
I loved them and couldn’t resist.

What good are all these memories,
When we are days away from the grave?
I guess it’s my motivation tonight,
To peruse the files and clicking “Save”.