Saturday, October 21, 2017

Jealous Lover

Time is a jealous lover,
Hating some people’s ways…
Exacting revenge against them,
By removing their future days.

It seems the scales are tilted
Against those with the purest heart. 
The kindest people in the world,
Seem the chosen first to depart.  


When young, I cherished silence,
A welcome respite from the noise…
Now silence seems to camouflage,
Past memories and joys.

Silence now fuels paranoia;
A thud, wind, noises in my dreams…
Interrupt a good night’s sleep,
Nothing now is what it seems.

I sleep better thanks to alcohol,
And my wine loving friends…
Who help retain our memories’ noise,
So each old comfort never ends.

This cliff dweller for almost 25 years,
Perched over a wind raged sea…
Is proud to be a survivor,
Yet sad it’s only my dog and me.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Reunion 2017

My very best friends from high school,
Are having a reunion tomorrow…
I’d give anything to be there;
Decades of memories to share and borrow.

We had marriages, now broken,
Children wiser from our mistakes….
We emerged as perfect parents,
After script upgrades and retakes.

My best friends had a reunion today,
They gave me a video call…
Seeing aging faces one by one,
I got to speak with them all.

Most said they were astonished,
I remembered everyone’s name…
I was surprised, after all these decades,
Our friendly bonds remained the same.

Feeling the first chill of Autumn,
Their voices warmed up my day…
Like the Rolling Stone’s lyrics in high school,
“Well Love is love, not fade away”.