Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oops! I Forgot

Sometimes life is the coffee cups,
Left forgotten on car roofs.
In minutes, you are miles away,
The missing cups, the only truths.

Our lives erode unnoticed,
Like river banks that wash away.
The currents are unrelenting,
Sand bags and faith, keep naught at bay.

Bravely we step forward,
Another march, continued on…
Suddenly I’m Ringling Brothers;
One last parade, the elephants gone.

Monday, February 20, 2017

49 'r Trail and Betrayal

I moved to the Calaveras foothills,
To a Small town named Jenny Lind.
Escaping from Rodeo Drive's glitter,
I thought I was born again.

Immersed in gold rush history,
I followed the ancient footprints.
My haunts and recreations
Joined a history that never relents.

I lived within the Stoney ruins,
Sharing the pioneer’s dreams….
Only to find a real-time heaven,
Ain’t exactly as it seems.

Miners lied about discoveries,
Most, never found the mother lode…
Making money selling mine shares,
To suckers met, along the road.  

Prospectors cured their loneliness,
With promises so old…
Pledging love and loyalty
While selling you Fool’s Gold.

Our Time

Our homes and our belongings,
Our souls, even bought and sold…
Our futile wars against the clock;
Our bodies still grew old.

Our greatest joys and memories,
Our hardships and final breath…
Our roads traveled and some avoided,
Our paths all end in death.