Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Other Side of the Mountains

 Dedicated to Rusty, d. January 22, 2007
I’ve lived for years by the ocean,
In a house where I chose to hide…
Where beautiful views of the mountains,
Only showed their westerly side.

I headed southeast into Oregon,
Passed Hard Luck and Dead Man Hill;
Traveled the Old Emigrant Trail,
Where a cabin or two stand still.

The sounds of the Oregon Trail,
Are no longer the wagon train song,
But cowboys singing for Jesus;
Trucker caravans three miles long.

Ontario is the end of Lewis and Clark,
Satisfying the white man’s yearn.
With or without Sakajawaya,
I would rather make a u-turn.

Today I crossed the Snake River,
Traversed miles of sage brush and fennel,
My motel has a modern Jacuzzi,
But Rusty, we’re both in a kennel. 

Footnote:   I took this trip to Ontario, Oregon to have my hands operated on and it was the first time I had my dog boarded in 13 years. It was a life changing year and I walked away from a great job, because I decided life was too short to allow it to be trivialized.

Trailer Life

Trailers are more than a shelter,
They’re a gift from the asphalt god…
They offer the perks of a mansion,
While squatting on rich men’s sod.

A safe house for an outlaw,
The perfect hide-a-way, ready to roll,
A cabin parked in Wal-Mart’s lot,
Cheap housing, for one on the dole.

Trailers are the safety nets,
Where falling meth addicts crash…
Some trailers are the dumpsters,
And the occupants, the trash.

Some trailers make it possible,
To live on a sandy beach…
Gathered like wagons in a circle,
We find the good life within reach.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Questions Unanswered


It’s taken decades to write it all down,
Separating my life into files;
Searching always for answers,
Chapters bookmarked by years and miles.

The quest was all about order,
Yet chaos was all I found…
Unequal parts of beauty and bad,
Life was random events all around.

There were days of celebration,
Interrupted by incredible grief.
The cosmos is indecisive;
Only a fool could harbor belief.

I never decoded the mysteries,
Or feelings buried deep inside…
Yet still arrived at a verdict;
It has been an incredible ride.