Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Final Frontier

“Oh Michael”, I said to myself,
"Look how the time has flown”;
Walking away from the bathroom mirror
Where I met my father’s clone.

I feared I might be growing up,
Maturing way too soon;
Deep in thought, I picked my nose,
Then flicked a booger to the moon.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Am Just

I am just an old man
Alone in an upstairs room;
Who in life has done very little,
Between the cradle and tomb.

Once I climbed a mountain,
And saw a Yosemite fire fall.
Thirty thousand feet o’er  America,
I’ve flown and seen it all.

I’ve sent vinyl, tapes and CD’s,
Via the Post Office then digital mail;
Galloped freely in fields on horseback,
Against the winds later fueling my sail.  

I’ve sat on beaches with good friends,
Drinking wine until  sunrise…
Driftwood fires popping seaweed;
The world was perfect in my eyes.

I had a wall phone by the bath tub
Sold real estate from a swimming pool…
Repaired my own autos and tractor,
Collecting every imagined tool.

I’ve delivered calves and puppies,
Rescued earthworms from the road;
Bottle fed baby squirrels,
Relocated a warty toad.

Time deletes entries in address books,
Neighbors died or sold their home…
I am just an old man,
Upstairs in a room alone.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

House of Relics

My house is full of relics,
Museum pieces on a shelf…
Korean chest, two aging friends;
A Boxer and myself.

Most likely in this decade
Our flesh will turn to dust…
The Korean chest, another century;
Asian mistress of auction lust.