Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Autumn Equinox

If I could surf on a Cirrus cloud,
Today was the day to set sail.
The grand entrance of Autumn,
Proved to be a colossal fail.

Summer would not relinquish
A day to surrender the sun…
Now we’ll watch daylight diminish,
Hour after hour, one by one.

When winter finally dominates,
And the Robins’ voices still…
Winter unveils the darkness,
As our blankets cover the chill.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Island Aprehension

Island people never skip
For joy on a glorious day…
We stand alert and ready,
Eyeing storms that head our way.

Dodging swallows and bats in the summer;
Avoiding spider webs in the fall,
We hunker down for the winter,
When the wild winds threaten us all.

The absent sun returns in spring,
To fields a John Deere tractor plows…
There is a sudden beauty defiant;
Heaven rarely reveals or allows.

Otis Lives Here Now

I am thankful in my lifetime,
For my collection of wonderful friends.
I‘ll remember every face and voice
Long after each friendship ends.

These islands are the last of Otis,
Where his ashes forever remain…
Spread along his frequent journey,
From the window of his favorite plane.