Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taking a break...

This is the view from my window this evening where I am staying. Otis loves being back home. I am working on more passages, so stay tuned.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snail Tipping

The dew forms on the orchard,
In the evening with daylight slipping,
Otis fine tunes his curious snout
For a night of snail tipping.

He scans the pavement and the grass,
Like a powerful vacuum cleaner…
Detouring at the sight of a snail,
Humiliating the mollusk’s demeanor.

As if to make a statement,
Refusing to share a common ground,
Otis never leaves a snail alone,
Until it’s upside down.

Light Years

Otis lives an entire decade,
Each minute we walk our rounds,
He hears a thousand new noises,
Where others hear barely a sound.

He meets a hundred new people,
Some reflections, on window glass,
The boxer while dragging his master,
Along trails, piers and tall grass.

His inbred, but shortened lifespan,
Creates a cerebral greed…
Stockpiling spontaneous memories,
Fulfilling his every curious need.

A Chihuahua’s life in fifteen years,
Gains knowledge along the way.
Otis garners the same factoids,
Filing a year in one single day.

He blows bubbles in water fountains,
Attacks waves with cat-like feet,
He catches every falling leaf,
Seeking out new joggers each day to meet.

Six months ago I was just a man,
Walking through town without notice.
Now people want my name and address;
I am the man in Oregon, with Otis.

The Ship

Friendships, relationships
Sinking ships into the night.
Partnerships, two passing ships,
Disappearing from our sight.

Picture frames, our mind frames,
A prisoner framed for crime.
A picture, clips of movie frames,
Pertaining to a better time.

Sales slips, frilly lace slips,
Slips on paper, slips on ice,
Slips of the tongue, Freudian slips,
In public, not so nice.

Power trains, wedding gown trains,
Electric trains to train the eye.
Drive trains, colliding trains,
Where trained civilians die.

Partnerships, two passing ships,
A picture, clips of movie frames…
Slips of the tongue, Freudian slips
Power trains, wedding gown trains.

Sinking ships into the night,
Drive trains, colliding trains,
Slips of paper, slips on ice,
Disappearing from our sight.