Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Laying by an open window,
In a strange town’s motel bed,
I take in highway sounds and smells,
And relive the farewells said.

There’s splashing noises in the pool,
A man screams “Quiet” from 102
Car doors slam when folks check in…
And all I hear is an absent you.

It seems to me the open road,
Spreads my thoughts across bare pavement.
My heart’s run over time after time;
That war between dreams and attainment.

Laying by a darkened window,
In a strange town’s motel bed…
I’ve blocked out all your memories,
And miss my dogs instead.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Note on Flying

There is something quite romantic
About lone roads or a ship at sea.
A plane in flight or railroad tracks,
Ignite the dreams in me.

I travel roads in books I read,
Sail oceans in favorite songs…
I ride the rails in poetry,
Where my hobo spirit belongs.

We have very little freedom
Compared to the flight of birds…
Yet we humans can orbit Earth,
If we learn to soar with words.