Thursday, May 24, 2012


My father was a physicist
Conducting experiments on inertia.
I was often his faithful assistant,
Quit crying”, he said, “I won't hurt ya”!

Every Christmas gift from him,
Involved principles of gas or static.
The presents were mine until opened,
Family physics, the rule, automatic!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mariposa Exit

Driving Ninety-nine in east Stockton,
Eighteen wheelers ruled the road...
Until they met a hair-pin curve,
Spilling out their heavy load.

The Mariposa freeway exit,
Fed the gleaners in the spring...
Mostly tomatoes on the shoulder,
Sometimes tin cans of everything.

On a good day CB Radios
Gathered neighbors to volunteer...
We assisted the highway clean up crew
When ever a semi spilled with beer. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chapters Abridged

That night we were all so vital
Celebrating our new career...
I changed my job three times again,
To awake, retired and elderly here.

I think time stalks our innocent youth
With a hungry, carnivorous eye...
The moment we let our guard down,
We're finished, and can't question why.

I spent my days out running the clock,
Changing towns, my life and my look...
Finding while composing the prologue,
I lived the final page in my book.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

F/V Deep Sea Eulogy / Shady Lady

Sirens cut through the smoke filled night,
Chaos under a dim half moon...
She burnt for eighteen hours more,
A legacy ending much too soon.

Three Coast Guard vessels now stand guard
Each under a flashing blue light...
Over the patch of cold dark water,
Where she gasped and sank from sight.

Suspicion and blame devour the cove,
It's true, her fate appears shady...
Still, it seems such a sad demise,
For this once proud, historical lady.
A new life after WWll....1947   Top Photo: Fire and sinking, Penn Cove 5-13-2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ah Spring!

Today was the dawn of my 61st Spring,
Mustard blossoms filled the air...
I wear a baseball cap outside
So nesting crows can't muss my hair.

Neighbors appear in their shorts and tees,
I still wear shoes in the heat,
My cologne, now mosquito repellant,
Yellow jackets sting my legs and feet.

Friends pack wine and cheeses,
Heading to the beach every chance...
I never eat watermelon in fear
My lips are attacked by ants.

We watched an incredible sunset,
Bombarded by hoards of flying bats...
Serenaded by songs from under the deck
Performed off key by raped feral cats.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Most of our accomplishments in life,
Those glory days, the winning bid...
Appear no more than micro dots,
Spread out on our lifetime grid.

I wanted to change the world,
Use Gandhi’s words to converse...
Unlock unanswered mysteries
And orbit the universe.

Now adding up the victories,
While the opportunities end...
I find my whole life best described
As feathers in the wind.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Dark Days

The melodies play the sweetest,
In the deepest depths of gloom...
Words bleed out best from harmonies
From the darkest corners of the room.

Voices hit the angelic notes
When rising to thwart aggression...
Nothing soars above the darkness
More than standing against oppression.

Gnarled black fingers pluck the chords,
Illustrating their profound pain...
I'll play their record one more time
Because I feel like falling again.

Some artists shared their music,
It was all they had to give...
Teaching me to navigate through
A life harder than I'll ever live.