Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ankle Deep in Stockton

It was under the bridges of Stockton,
Where I discovered the world.
Hundreds of species beneath the surface,
In clouds of mud my footprints swirled.

Thornton Road, Davis Road,
Eight Mile, and Bear Creek we’d roam…
Collecting bottles, condoms, and adulthood:
Roadside attractions to hide when home.

We fantasized the millions
Our found contraband was worth…
It was the crawdads, carp and pollywogs
That brought us back to earth.

We built memories in the Cattails,
Like Moses, we parted green Duck Weed…
Ankle deep in muddy waters
The earth signed over to us, the deed.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

War and Betrayal

In another lifetime maybe,
I’d ride a camel to the pyramids,
Sail the seven seas to you,
Cross a dessert of arachnids.

I’d have risked my reputation,
Given my life in a world war…
To see your face just once again
Safely inside my door.

Casualties of war exist;
Both sides to me have lost…
I can’t complain, I’m happy,
Although I rue the final cost.

Your name on the survivor’s list,
Perhaps the cruelest part;
Death brings a kinder closure,
Than a forever betrayed heart.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Otis naps on the guestroom bed,
Fur fading from brown to white…
Failing and falling farther away;
From my touch and loving sight.

We are tethered to this life on earth,
By a fragile, solitary thing:
A heartbeat is what flies life’s kite,
‘Til it stops, letting go of the string.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Four Poster to Vulcania

My bed is a sea worthy vessel,
It cradles my each aging bone…
I feel the need to raise sails,
Dump all ballast and sail home.

The years were a hostile army,
Wounding my memory, hope and hip
I’ll return one day to Vulcania,
Blow it up and scuttle the ship…

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Flight

Photo Kenmore Air

It wasn’t the bloom in the hoar frost,
Turning the page in this winter’s log…
But the drone of a nearing sea plane,
Emerging from the maritime fog.

The cargo was of no importance,
Nor the letters the plane may bring…
I celebrated the pier’s red carpet,
Welcoming another island spring.