Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas in the City

Horse drawn carriages adorned with bells,
Animate the avenues,
Holly wreaths, stunning light displays,
A welcome change from world news.

Store windows, now dioramas,
Display hard working Santa’s elves,
Making toys for both good children,
And filling department store’s toy shelves.

Busses crammed with laden shoppers,
Pick up more people at every stop,
A drunken Santa sits on a curb,
Crying, while arrested by a cop.

A Salvation Army volunteer,
Shivers, while ringing his bell…
Some see the birth of Jesus,
But me?...A capitalist hell.

Now I stay on the island,
The city’s celebration got quite stale…
I sit by the fire with glass in hand,
As I watch the eagles, deer and quail.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Infinite Wisdom

Sally Hayton-Keeva had infinite wisdom,
And two Great Pyrenees’ in her tiny car.
She wrote bestselling biographies,
Spotlighting her flair for the bizarre.

She bulldozed her way into our town,
With a genuine spirit and original flair;
Made us remember our own history,
Leaving her signature everywhere.

A young man asked her for advice,
Leaving home, for his first college trip…
She said, “Never lose your humor,
Keep your head high, never forget your dreams…

Oh , and never walk again, but skip”.