Thursday, February 4, 2010

Light Years

Otis lives an entire decade,
Each minute we walk our rounds,
He hears a thousand new noises,
Where others hear barely a sound.

He meets a hundred new people,
Some reflections, on window glass,
The boxer while dragging his master,
Along trails, piers and tall grass.

His inbred, but shortened lifespan,
Creates a cerebral greed…
Stockpiling spontaneous memories,
Fulfilling his every curious need.

A Chihuahua’s life in fifteen years,
Gains knowledge along the way.
Otis garners the same factoids,
Filing a year in one single day.

He blows bubbles in water fountains,
Attacks waves with cat-like feet,
He catches every falling leaf,
Seeking out new joggers each day to meet.

Six months ago I was just a man,
Walking through town without notice.
Now people want my name and address;
I am the man in Oregon, with Otis.

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