Thursday, July 22, 2010

Integrity and the "I's"

I question sometimes, my own integrity,
I mean the way I talk about others.
I champion the little guy,
I lay in front of the bullet to protect.
I crucify others who do not
Always and deeply, think like I do.

I sometimes lay in wait for those
I subconsciously perceive as stupid.
I go to bed and think about blank slates.
I wonder if I locked the door…
I walk down stairs and twist the lock again.
I make sure the alarm clock is set.

I find perfection increases with years,
I see my narrowing criteria.
I try to relax, remembering blank slates,
I walk downstairs, wash my hands, the door is locked.
I make sure the alarm clock is set.
I walk downstairs to make sure the door is locked.

I think others may see me as unkind,
This year, they are not democrats.
I turn off the bedroom light,
I remember the blank slate…
I walk down the stairs to make sure the door is locked,
I make sure the alarm is set.

1 comment:

  1. You could make a villanelle out of this, or a pantoum.

    Are those pictures of you in your different colors still up somewhere? Are the colors meant to show your different moods while you wear the same expression?