Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Wave; Gaia

She rolled into our lives one day,
Like fog smothering the beach…
Each day she passed by like a wave,
Drifting in, then out of reach.

Her uncharacteristic fondness
Found our lost and missing parts.
We thought our lives were whole until,
She filled our pessimistic hearts,

We should have known under this sun,
Life would never let her stay…
Though none were able to prepare,
That she might just leave one day.

Sitting near the funeral home…
We found an open parking place…
As if it were Cape Canaveral,
Witnessing a launch to outer-space.

Incinerators, life consuming,
Coughed a brief cloud towards the sky.
Wafting one final, solid presence,
The chimney waved her last good-bye.

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