Monday, February 21, 2011

Smug Ignorance

Chinese words tattooed on your arm
“Trusted drunks” told you what they mean…
You can’t waste time on definitions,
You only care that they are seen.

Your flashy BMW’s parked,
In front of your mother’s home…
The stereo cost a thousand bucks,
So your girlfriend pays your phone.

Once again my vocal friend
You appear to be a fool,
Floundering in the shallow end
Of the intellectual pool.


  1. How do you do it! How do you always come up with the perfect words in rhyme that describes something much better than an ordinary sentence would. And not only that, I fell off my chair laughing.

  2. Thumbs up, Lorene! "The shallow end of the intellectual pool"?

    How does he do it?