Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dreamt in Error

Often I keep the blinds closed,
My dream world filled with compassion,
A planet where only good things occur,
Empathy, the most coveted passion.

A world where species co-exist,
And humans themselves get along…
Waterholes safe for everyone
Of Earth’s family, to which we belong.

Newspapers let the light creep in,
TV news breaks the window glass…
Allowing the heated convictions inside,
Sucking in greed and hate with the drafts.

I somehow never remember,
The lesson I learned at age five…
Bambi, just minutes into the film,
Orphaned, his idyllic world had died.


  1. Well said. TV news breaks the glass! The child sex abuse being exposed is about as sickening as it gets. Babies being kidnapped is another heart breaker. Greed and corruption has no end.

  2. Wow. This is a sad one. :-( And, of course, sad because all of it is so true. I love the picture, though!