Monday, February 6, 2012

The F/V Deep Sea

I was a sailor once in the Navy,
When civilian, I changed crabbing history...
Now I am but a hero forgotten,
Anchored in Penn Cove, a local mystery.

The brass that once propelled me,
Was taken and sold by weight,
My once proud skin is rusting,
Aging to a sad, undetermined fate.

Most new neighbors resent me,
Questioning why I remain afloat...
My still proud bow facing into the wind
This once famed, almost orphaned boat. 

See  Sunday, May 13, 2012 For F/V Deep Sea Eulogy


  1. Akutan Alaska the Deep Sea processed millions of pounds of many different types of crab . As a matter of fact the engin room was the location of my first grilfriend experience to put it nicely . Now the boat sits at the bottom of Penn Cove Sad ! a lot of history in that old tub ! Mary if your out there !

  2. Mary I'm afraid, has sunk to a new low! They didn't call it a crab boat for nothing.

  3. I too worked on the Deep Sea at Akutan, AK. It was not a glamourous vessel, even back then in the late 70's, but it provided a young man a very interesting adventure. I can vividly recall standing on her aft deck in all kinds of wild weather butchering tons of king crab on 12 hour shifts. Until I got picked up as crew on a crabber and the real adventure began.

    1. Sorry jents. I am one of the guys turning the Deep Sea into razorblades. For me it is tough cutting up old vessels. I often think of all the stories they could tell. Thanks for sharing some of yours.