Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tammy Had a Famous Sister

                                                              (Not Tammy but close)

Tammy Baxter had two parents,
Vivien Baxter and Mr. Comeaux.
She was a snow white German Shepherd,
An undiscovered “Best of Show”.

Tammy’s human sister,
Lived under a different name.
Her talents freshly discovered;
While nearing world-wide acclaim.

Tammy’s family lived in Stockton,
The most humble human beings,
Mr. Comeaux holding down the fort,
While mom sailed with Merchant Marines.

Tammy, famous for her tail wag,
Mr. Comeaux,  for his kind grin…
Vivien, privately proud of her daughter,
Walked so tall in her own skin. 

Tammy’s mom traveled the world,
Strange ports, fauna and flora…
Who made me see as a high school kid,
My first person cloaked within an aura.

Tammy’s mother's named in tell all books:
Was maybe neglectful at one time.
For some the beginning ain’t easy,
To me she aged like the finest wine.

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