Monday, July 23, 2012

Garvey's Truck Stop, Stockton

Families came for biscuits and gravy,
Truckers pulled in to spend the night…
Parking their semi’s row after row
Discreetly out of the diner’s sight.

An oasis for weary travelers,
Showers, burgers and French fries…
The truckers after ten P.M.,
Sought out whatever pure lust buys.

Stockton locals, guys and gals,
Both cruised the parking lot…
Watching for flashing dome lights,
Shirtless truckers, and nights…so hot.

The brazen waved, “Come hither”
Posing unzipped on their running boards…
Setting sights on Jimmy’s Cadillac,
Pickup trucks and the rusted Fords.

The families with their napkins,
Dabbed their lips and paid their tab…
Unaware of the sexual Olympics,
In almost every trucker’s cab.

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  1. this spot was great! it is also great thing to made this by the writers a poetry to describe the place. truc stop