Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dew Drop Inn 1969

Christmas Eve at the Dew Drop Inn,
Campbell’s Soup in the coffee pot;
Two college kids absent from friends
Who time and cheap wine soon forgot.

We added another can of soup;
Chicken Noodle, in the percolator.
Harmonizing some Yule Time carols,
On a quarter-fed, bed vibrator.

We awoke to the whitest Christmas
As trucks skied past on the interstate,
Heading home for their celebrations;
Gifts for children who couldn't wait.

We decided to build a snowman
On the Dew Drop Inn’s snowy lawn,
But he soon turned into a woman,
Proportioned much like an Amazon.

She was adorned with giant bosoms,
Carrot nipples on each breast…
Every trucker honked, the cops arrived;
Our Christmas spirit put to rest.

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