Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Am Just

I am just an old man
Alone in an upstairs room;
Who in life has done very little,
Between the cradle and tomb.

Once I climbed a mountain,
And saw a Yosemite fire fall.
Thirty thousand feet o’er  America,
I’ve flown and seen it all.

I’ve sent vinyl, tapes and CD’s,
Via the Post Office then digital mail;
Galloped freely in fields on horseback,
Against the winds later fueling my sail.  

I’ve sat on beaches with good friends,
Drinking wine until  sunrise…
Driftwood fires popping seaweed;
The world was perfect in my eyes.

I had a wall phone by the bath tub
Sold real estate from a swimming pool…
Repaired my own autos and tractor,
Collecting every imagined tool.

I’ve delivered calves and puppies,
Rescued earthworms from the road;
Bottle fed baby squirrels,
Relocated a warty toad.

Time deletes entries in address books,
Neighbors died or sold their home…
I am just an old man,
Upstairs in a room alone.

1 comment:

  1. I like it! Except the old man alone part. You are an exceptional man who has done many great things, and changed the lives of many. If you are truly lonely you can always come see us! :)