Sunday, May 12, 2013

Positive Change

I think the dad was mafia,
They lived way beyond their means…
Providing venues of positive change:
Jukeboxes, cigarette machines.

We partied like we knew Gatsby,
Smoking menthol's around the pool…
Posing like we had money,
And I, the adopted fool!

Their Wurlitzer had a button,
In the back, to use no dimes…
The Hit Parade was free to us
We danced to the best of times.

The mother was always shopping,
New furniture to rearrange...
Each Fall, another  Cadillac,
Her life, "Going through the change". 

 A San Joaquin cherry farmer,
Pillar of the community...
The citizens who admired him,
Never saw one Cherry Tree.

It wasn’t till I hit sixty,
Old age extinguished the fire.
I remembered they always pushed D-12;
The Castaways, singing "Liar Liar". 

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