Thursday, August 22, 2013

AAA Insurance: Authors, Angels, and Answers

Trudy lived with the ghosts of Authors,
Effortlessly reciting each memorized page…
Sharing their words with all listeners,
Her very presence, their venue, their stage.

She lived with an army of Angels,
Reaching out to help others cope,
Fighting the world’s injustices,
Debating always, the pro side of hope.

Her life,  a quest for Answers,
Solutions given and remedies sought…
To create a more humane, peaceful world
Where political power was earned, not bought.

We still think of urgent topics,
Though the discussions may never start…
Trudy’s gift to us, her time and intellect,
But her actual presence was her art.

My friend now lives in the cosmos.
Petite on Earth, she now stands tall;
Her intellectual idols, all a gasp,
Realizing their universe, way too small.

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