Sunday, May 25, 2014

Night Vision

One third of my entire life,
Was spent living in black and white…
The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show
Changed my world one Sunday night.

I ate popcorn while in the bathtub,
On Saturday nights with Carol Burnett.
Mike Douglas and Dick Cavett aired
Stars no one had heard of yet.

I spent years on Walton’s Mountain,
Fished with Opie on a quiet stream…
Walt Disney provided a portal
To infinity through a small screen.

PBS introduced the taboo world,
Cousteau, the Pacific to Asiatic…
Tin foil bow ties on rabbit ears,
Cleared views and sounds of static.

What an incredible theater,
Played out on stages so small!
My heroes and role models,
Never more than three inches tall.

The cast we watched on Laugh-In
Referred us to our Funk and Wagnall’s.
I discovered the world one day at a time,
On Black and white, 10 inch diagonals.

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