Monday, December 15, 2014

Grammar School Hero

I was a grammar school super hero
I set drowning bugs in gutters free.
Draped in a bath towel superman cape,
I hid out in the tallest tree.

Yet, I was the klutz in middle school,
The team member never selected…
I decided to run for class clown,
And unanimously, was elected.

High School lasted five long years;
I smoked and drank for fun.
While working for veterinarians,
Juggling what needed to be done.

Others thought me quite responsible,
The kid that would go real far…
It is true I got lots of mileage,
I did it all for a convertible car.

Speeding through the swirling fog
Down Davis Road to “Light My Fire”
I matured, breaking sound barriers;
My life couldn’t get much higher.

My young eyes only saw beauty,
Translating visions to symphonies.
Along the way, lost pets and loves,
Paved sad roads with epiphanies.

Freedom was riding a horse so fast,
Through wheat fields under thundering skies…
I learned the power of my own will,
And everything, eventually dies.

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