Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blue Moons

There was international interest,
One day while pruning my hedge…
I bent over to pick up the clippers;
A jet just missed my head, house and ledge.

An earthquake tossed bricks in Seattle,
A subterranean geological shift...
Land rose and sank before my eyes,
All my doors and locks suddenly fit.

There were winds and power outages,
No heat in cold dark rooms,
That sparkled in the brightest light
From the radiation of full moons.

The graceful pontoons throwing mist,
While landing in my front yard,
Illustrate the days well sailed
Compared to bad memories we discard.

Every rare blue moon rising
Turns another calendar page.
All the quirks of island living
Write the chapters as I age.

I’ve hunkered down in hurricanes,
Trembled in earthquake fear…
Updated my obituary
Then lived another year.

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