Thursday, October 1, 2015

Headphones, Hormones and Gramophones

My emotions spun with abandon
At 33 RPM
The lyrics, beat and volume,
Related to who I am.

These songs soon played again and again,
On a malfunctioning 8 track tape…
A Mobius loop of redundancy;
Off switches the only escape.

My emotions were fragile; unfinished
On an unflipped or broken cassette…
Scotch taped, rewound with a pencil,
They still aren’t playable yet.

Technology destroyed my musicians,
Brought back to life only on disk…
Our holy collections of a lifetime,
Sold on eBay at your own risk.

My life tunes suddenly died again
My history turned digital downloads…
A glass of wine and Amazon,
Allowed a revisit to my back roads.

Earphones are awkward in old age,
Low volume is painfully loud…
It isn’t much of a problem though
I can’t locate my playlist on Cloud.

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