Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Under the Big Top and Over the Hill

This circus, under Earth's big top,
Is my life in one short show .
A rogue wind may blow the tent away;
Without warning, acts come and go.

The philosophical wise quotes,
Suddenly appear quite trite and untrue…
Thoughts that seem really important
Change when the end comes to you.

So many hard times in my life,
Were countered by wonderful days.
I peaceably walked through foreign towns;
A welcome smile in a stranger's gaze.

The elderly in a high wire act,
Attract no gambler’s bets.
Old men walking tightropes,
No longer have safety nets.

Days now are spent remembering,
So little time to harbor fears…
I lived a life with no regrets,
Except want for a hundred more years.

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