Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Palo Colorado Canyon

If I believed in heaven,
There’d be a foggy salt sea air…
Aerial views of a rugged coast,
As far as my eyes can stare.

I would live atop the canyon
Above the Palo Colorado Creek…
In the darkness of the redwood's shade;
My Nirvana found, that others seek.

I’d sit on the porch in the winter,
Drinking wine to ward off a shiver…
And drink wine in the summertime,
On a folding chair in the river.

I would write poetry in the morning;
Cigarettes with coffee atop the view…
This was my life three decades ago,
I’d love to start again, a new. 

Dedicated to Jackie Marshall , the ex-patriot Lodi hostess, and original "Lady of the Canyon".  Thank You for making everyone feel special and welcome. Always

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