Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Giving Up (about a friend)

Again, another day passes,
Through fog like an Amtrak train…
Always forward on the tracks,
Towards the future and my bed again.

Bedridden days, pass in sleep and dreams,
Between the past and the forbidden…
Vague memories of the good years,
To present races, now dreamt bedridden.

Change is now my constant;
How fast life styles can rearrange…
My house, my room, bed and dreams,
All subject to sudden change.

Gone is the independence,
Of making decisions, right or wrong…
The end of future dreams,
Is a fact, now dead. They’re gone!

Wait a minute, laying here,
Never was my plan!
Tomorrow I’ll get out of bed,
I’ll force myself to stand.

Step by step I’ll walk again,
While the PT’s on their phone…
Call my family to announce,
On Monday, I’m going home.

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