Friday, June 16, 2017

Firemen Fight Rekindles

There were idols from the past,
Who put on a very good show…
Leaving hopes to fade into the past;
Years with answers we’d never know.

Meanwhile there were decades,
Where I celebrated every day…
I thought I could die tomorrow,
Completely happy, with death Okay.

I appreciated nightly sunsets,
Every flower and the red of dawn…
Also the darkest windy days;
The twenty rabbits on my lawn.

Still all these decades later,
You still occupy my every thought.
So many ruses and betrayal,
In all your lies I bought.

Your attempts to rekindle old fires,
Immediately conjured up old magic…
Reality suddenly grabbed my ear,
Reminding me, your moods turned tragic.

It’s nice to see you reaching out,
To old friends from the past…
Reaching back for five decades proves,
For years, you’ve come in last.

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