Monday, January 11, 2010

Poker Face in the Rearview Mirror

It doesn’t matter at all what I think
Even less, in my heart what I feel…
I love from a far and get hurt,
Knowing in upcoming months, I’ll heal.

I appear aloof for survival,
We both know you caught my eye,
I saw you in the rear view mirror,
Moving forward, I see goodbye.

Hermit crabs find their shelter,
In any abandoned old shells…
I wait for you to make the move,
You don’t, life runs on, never tells.

Another day, another place,
Again I catch your sly glance.
Your life and mine remain the same
A lost, untaken, remote chance.

In time my dreams are no more real,
“Caution”, says the rearview mirror,
Than the time diminished realities;
“Objects smaller than they appear”…

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