Monday, January 18, 2010

A Young Man's Dreams

A young man dreams every mansion,
Or a Corvette, as if he’s the owner…
I viewed the future as a fight,
Boxing reality, with a boner.

The Buick Electra convertible,
Earned with real estate invested,
The Mercedes bought from rentals,
And stocks sold and then divested.

Honda Preludes timed out,
The Pick -Up truck’s body rusted,
Politicians, bankers, lawyers,
Then friends, no longer trusted.

The Corvette sits decaying,
In an unplowed farmer’s field.
My monumental wall to my self,
Stands crumbling, aged, paint pealed.

The reality of a life’s dream,
Is never what it seems…
The impotency caused by others,
Ends a young man’s early dreams.

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