Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Acme of My Everything

After a month’s vacation,
I returned to my home on the cliff…
Felled by the mixed emotions,
What sent this dream so adrift?

I have never lived in such beauty,
Six years longer than my childhood home…
Surrounded by envied possessions,
Self applause, as I stand alone.

Why the intrepedation,
Returning to my home again?
Why is this very core of my being,
The source of so much conflict and pain?

This is where I realized my dreams.
Found love, success and the truth…
Marked time, aged and closed chapters
Buried loved ones and also my youth.

Then suddenly I realized
This is where I hid from time…
The house alas, did fail me;
Scars and wrinkles are all mine.

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