Friday, April 9, 2010

K-9 Grafiti

I met up with a man at Agate State beach,
That I had observed walking circles around the parking lot
On a daily basis. I wanted to ask him how much he weighed before,
This exercise routine.

It turned out we had the same heart procedures …
He was following the rules and walking two miles a day.
He suggested I join him in the routine. Misery does love company.
I met up with him and we started walking laps.

There was a problem however. I had Otis with me.
Otis did not care about time or distance or exercise;
His only concern was pissing on each and every blade of grass
Along each square foot of the path.

Naturally I was upset. I lost not only a new friend,
But a chance to meet my health needs while actually having fun.
I looked at Otis and thought about his betrayal of our bond.
I felt absolutely helpless… worse because he knew it.

Driving home I reduced myself to his level.
I vindictively thought, we needed to go to the city.
There I would stop to spray paint my name
On every store front facade as Otis waited…
Without a blade of green grass in sight.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer about the new friend, and walking buddy. But, I think he should have been more understanding. Maybe you could get a friend to watch Otis while you walk with the other guy. Then again maybe it's not worth it with out Otis. Hang in there :)