Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Donald changed his profile picture,
Seven times for some reason today…
He’s trying to be the “interesting” friend,
But his past comments won’t go away.

Helen and Bryan leave cryptic notes,
Creating some worry and mystery…
Julie composed a new FB profile
Totally rewriting her sin tainted history.

Dennis posed on a mountain top,
Most athletic man of all time…
A journey deep in his photo file,
Finds him face down on a vomited lime.

Ramona reminds her friends of events,
Please call her, she lives so near…
Ron posts his Farmville statistics
Just hoping someone will hear.

The Fuller family is all about dogs,
Three this year were Best of Show…
Gene sent a “Ha! I found you” post,
To rekindle love lost, long ago.

Janice clicked on the search tab,
To locate her charming prom date…
Only to find a memorial page,
Discovering social media, too late.


  1. I'd hit the "like" button if this poem had one.

  2. It's that connection we all need.