Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Alcohol or Bullets?

Life is a mix of the Yen and Yang,
The Grizzly, the teddy bear…
The lie once told, the honesty,
“It hurts me, but I don’t care”!

People mourn your happiness
Then celebrate friend’s fails…
We reach out to life’s victims
Hiding the rescuer’s trails.

Some people give to charity,
Validating their place on top…
The grizzly eats the teddy bear
Your pain, a political prop.

How do we explain away our lies,
Blame alcohol for what we said?
Or realize all men are liars
Taking real bullets to the head.


  1. Your poetry is so profound.
    It's the result of the years
    you've been around.

    Now I'm a poet. LOL

  2. I read your poems several times because they evoke different emotions each time: happy, sad, angry, grateful.