Sunday, July 24, 2011

Estate in Time

I bought this house, a youthful dream,
Remodeling with care, room by room…
One board at a time, well over my head,
I could barely afford a broom.

I never thought a ten room house,
Let alone on a private beach,
Would be a part of my future,
A project well beyond my reach.

I gambled and won.

After twenty years of sailboat races,
Ducking and waving at float planes
Walking three generations of dogs,
I sit on the precipice of change.

The rooms all need repainting,
The Iron filigree’s turned to rust…
The furnishings now have value,
Although covered with memories and dust.  

When does one liquidate an estate?
Or try surviving another charmed ten?
I have decided to get out the vacuum,
And perhaps paint each room once again.


  1. Location Location Location
    It must be worth a mint by now.
    A Bed and Breakfast would go over great.
    A Summer home. Looks like a gold mine in disguise.

  2. I like that bay window alcove on the north side. I'll bet you get morning sun in there.