Saturday, July 30, 2011

Past the 70's Into the 70's

The 60’s were rebellious years,
Questioning how I was raised…
Driving drunk, through mail boxes,
Awaking lost, but still unphased.

The 70’s were enlightened years,
I was incredibly young and hip…
We crowded around the piano,
My ashtray, the Guacamole dip.

The 80’s were the “first class” years,
Art galleries with a full wine glass…
High bidder I won the center piece,
Sliding home on my drunken  ass.

The 90’s were productive years,
Good jobs, and a paid off home…
Best dogs, bad relationships,
I found myself happy and alone.

Looking back in this new century,
I am amazed I lived this long;
How everything turned out so right,
In spite of everything done wrong.  

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