Friday, October 3, 2014

1960's Catholic School Evolution

The year I started high school,
The girls wore pleated skirts.
Patent leather Mary Jane’s
And Peter Pan-collared shirts.

The nuns dressed up like penguins,
They hid their arms, their legs and hair.
Their feet bound in black button ups,
Hid under the habits they’d wear.

After Robert Kennedy died,
Preceded by Dr. King…
The nuns with Cesar Chavez
Fought for rights for human beings.

The nuns gave us extra credit
If we protested segregation;
Focusing less, on faith in god,
While instead, liberating the nation.

Nun’s habits were shed our junior year,
Their bangs, all a reddish brown dye,
One even wore pink tennis shoes,
Saying, “Feedback baby, ask the suits why?”

Our senior year was totally changed,
Many nuns had gone astray;
A few married childhood sweethearts,
The rest mostly turned out gay. 

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