Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Winter Web

He spent the first days of autumn,
Constructing the most beautiful home,
Using principles of arches and anchors,
Strategically to last his lifetime.

I must confess I questioned,
The location he chose to build.
A loner I thought, away from others,
To live above my stove.

How did he know, I later wondered,
About the unexpected arrival
Of so many flies in my kitchen?
He was a rancher, a housefly baron.

One step on his sticky doorway,
Rang the homeowner’s bell…
Each fly greeted in lightning speed,
Then wrapped and packaged for a meal.

As autumn chilled to winter,
The farmer’s bounty became scarce.
I found myself searching window sills,
For insects to toss in his web.

The homesteader moved into a corner,
The highest, away from it all.
Winter ended his elegant lifestyle
Gradually he ceased to move and withered.

“He knows he’s starving”,  I told myself.
“But only humans know they die”.
How presumptuous was I to think
The spider wasn’t as smart as I?

Post script:
 The little guy kept disappearing for days and  weeks at a time and I thought he was gone. His web was no longer intact and catching any food was impossible. Every time I would look for him and he was gone, I thought him dead, only to see him out and about days later. This morning I saw he had fallen from the ceiling onto the stove top and was officially dead. This teaspoon wielding gravedigger, buried him in the garden and I actually cried. Every loss is getting increasingly difficult. RIP 11 21 14

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