Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Delta

Under a slivered yellow moon,
When the stars take back the night,
Mt. Diablo turned blue in the horizon,
As the Mallard ducks took flight.

Crayfish in the mud and reeds,
Hid themselves from greedy carp.
White Egrets hovered over them,
In search of any beating heart.

This aquatic life continued daily
Along the banks the river wets;
The sun sinking behind houseboats
Ignited flaming red sunsets.

Yet I remember most of all,
Red Wing Blackbirds in the reeds;
The Bull Frog's baritone echoes. 
Dove and quail nests in tall weeds,

Wild lily pads and crickets,
Hyacinths and thick Duckweed…
Remind me of my youth and home;
Memories, like dyes that bleed.

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