Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The World at My Feet

I always think about my brain;
Unanswered questions, grand defeat.
I seldom seek perspective
Of the world seen through my feet.

I’ve walked a thousand miles
On veterinary floors,
Stood mouthing sales pitches;
Realtor’s foot wedged inside doors.

Feeling always unaccomplished
I set new harder goals:
Sell in the finest galleries
Walk a forest fire’s hot coals.

I’ve also walked in hard times
Helped others down and out;
Somewhere, somehow I’m needed
The feet move on and scout.

My feet have run to birth a calf,
Rushed to a drowning child,
Tripped on high-class pretense,
Stepped backwards, undefiled.

I’ve hiked on Chinese trails
With Calaveras snakes and wild dogs,
Rested feet in a cold river
And walked on floating logs.

My feet have danced to music,
While others stepped upon my toes.
I’ve often put my foot in mouth
Back stepping from my foes.

Still my feet move forward
Through the funerals, schools, beyond
My goal is both feet on the floor,
When I awake at dawn.

Strangely, it is not my brain,
But my two feet are grand!
All my dreams and principles
Sum up the way I stand.

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