Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Winds of Autumn

The winds of autumn returned this week,
          Sweeping leaves and soil to sea.
I think perchance this is the year,
          They’re intention is carrying me.

The path they cut is far and wide
          They offer one hell of a ride…
They’ve lifted me to the hill tops,
But now it’s the downhill slide.

The drone and din, they are howling,
          Producing an ominous sign.
The creaks of the floor boards loosening,
          Tells me this year, it is time.

Like driftwood caught in a rising tide,
Empty of sanctuary, no place to hide.
The trail of rubble marks where I died…
Gently carried by gusts, to the other side. 
Awakened now by harsh alarms,
          The clock says six a.m.
This storm is really blowing,
          It’s made me dream again.

The clouds stack up on Cascades,
          Gathering their strength for war.
The sun is quickly swallowed,
          I’m engulfed in black once more.

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