Sunday, December 11, 2016

Swan Song

A graceful swan is floating
Upon a lake serene,
Suddenly a hunter’s shot
Ends the peaceful dream.

What causes death to beauty,
What triggers horrible change?
What ends a life of happiness,
One cannot rearrange.

How can one just say good bye,
To everything they loved
Knowing there’s no next time,
Or, no pity from above.

How can I just let you go
Yet not suffer any pain?
When old age is my future,
And Death my only gain?

What causes death to beauty,
Brings good feelings to an end?
It seems a life dilemma
I never will transcend.

With my life in perfect order
I woke up all alone,
Spiraling down the abyss
Much like a cast out stone.

Desperately, arms flailing out
For anything to grab
You leaned out upon the ledge
To take another stab.

What turned my whole reality
Into a plot of fiction?
What turned a perfect friendship
Into a maze of friction?

I floated on the water,
So content, and so serene.
I didn’t even hear your shot,
But thus ended the dream.

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