Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Conversations with My Young Friend

Hey little guy, I love you
Thanks for listening these sixty years;
You have given me sage advice,
While setting aside my fears.

You’ve shared my pain, and I yours;
Our loss of pets and many a friend…
All the joys and disappointments
In the darkness where good things end.

So remarkable is the wisdom,
And strength at your early age…
You remain my pillar of steeled resolve,
Calming ebbing faith and growing rage.

Together we have sunbathed
Naked in the worst political weather.
I find bittersweet comfort in knowing
When the sky clears, we’ll be gone together.

Oh I love you, little man…
My friend in my thoughts and dreams…
You told the truth from the beginning,
The world’s as awesome as it seems.

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