Thursday, February 9, 2017

Marfargoa Night Sounds

A full moon rose high in the sky,
I sank down below the covers…
Another night alone on the farm,
Just myself, three dogs, no others.

Cricket chirps became a symphony,
Bull frog solos filled the air…
They suddenly fell quite silent
The night heron must be there.

I heard a plane pass overhead,
The passengers didn’t care at all,
About the sounds I was hearing
Like the mice inside the wall.

The propane furnace had clicked twice,
First the fan, then the pilot light…
On Mariposa Road in the distance,
A freight train whistled in the night.

Three thousand six hundred and fifty
Times I heard these sounds alone…
Always anxious for tomorrow,
Always waiting by the phone.

Now four decades later I hear,
Eagles, ravens and incredible winds…
I still long for Marfargoa sounds,
But everything unfortunately ends.  

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