Monday, February 6, 2017

Cultural Tug of War

We had swim parties on the river,
Drunk celebrations on the beach…
Our private dinner parties,
Placed caviar within our reach.

Some nights we wore tuxedos,
Other times, just Wrangler jeans.
We were the youngster working class
Living beyond our means.

We served ourselves cocktails
From a can poured into a glass…
Our status rose from shop employees,
To retail merchants, upper class.

After leaving Xanadu,
We found purpose, life and charity.
Miles away from the social elite,
Who’ve lost sight of moral clarity.

30 years later, all of us,
Stay In touch, celebrating our glories…
Sharing tales of untimely deaths,
And ex- employer’s drug overdose stories.

Galas, debuts, the Divertis moi,
Such memories,  all of these…
The escargot tasted like mushrooms,
We loved macaroni and cheese.

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