Monday, December 28, 2009

Fostering A Fatal Flaw

You seem to probe inside me,
Interviews, both unkind and raw,
Unearthing some self-validation,
By finding my one fatal flaw.

Perhaps you’ll find the mother lode,
I will still say again and again,
Your found ore can not be extracted,
I am happy with who I am.

Your sad, frivolous, wastes of time
The jealously and spiral free fall,
Served your hours and dreams not well ,
A life time is no time at all.

Who or what I have lost in my life,
All that was vanquished in the fire,
Will never have importance to you;
Afraid of the risk, the dream or desire.

All the macho bravado displayed,
Makes me turn the other cheek…
The many chances I took years ago,
Support you now, and again next week.

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