Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Silent Night Each Christmas

The silent night of holidays,
Begins each Christmas Eve…
The highway traffic silenced,
Families catch the boat and leave.

The semi drivers on vacation,
Don’t compression brake the curve,
The head-ons and the sirens,
Do not shatter each last nerve.

The Christmas celebrations,
Call the populations home,
The Penn Cove deer and rabbits,
And myself, walk safe, alone.

Diesel fumes trapped in the cove,
That signal a certain death,
Disappear for two glorious days,
When we catch our second breath.

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  1. I've been waiting for the perfect morning so I could spend time reading Starring's moving, insightful poetry. After days of driving, crashing in last-chance motel rooms, and eating cheese crackers at Tex Marts, I am finally on the Texas coast. And to celebrate, I treated myself to good coffee and Mike's poems. Reading The Silent Night Each Christmas and Fickle Beauty makes me want to rush back to the PNW. Bird Tether makes me laugh and An Athiest's Dream reminds me that my beliefs are special. I must take more time to lose myself one of the best poetry blogs ever!