Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goldfish Rapture

I often felt an omniscient presence…
As if someone was staring at me from behind,
Only to realize it was the fixed and inquisitive stare of my goldfish.

Day after day, they gazed through the glass…
Into my world, an unknown hostile environment to them.
Was there some curious allure? Their world never changed.

After their death I realized, on a few occasions …
Through rarely opened blinds, and wind parted privet,
They could catch a glimpse across the bay, Coupeville, and the Cascades.

I wonder now if they were just dumb fish,
Or did they experience the rapture of an over-whelming beautiful vision,
Like Atacama astronomers, granted sight into a universe beyond reach...

And superior to any previous or fantasized dreams...
Did they feel just for an instant, both grandiose and important
Only to realize when the blind closed, they were just fish?

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